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We are a design-build and general contracting firm servicing Lakewood and surrounding areas. Forge Projects strives to foster collaborative partnerships in the tasks it undertakes. Whether it’s figuring out how to add space to a home or reconfiguring a floor plan, Forge Projects works with you to define and meet your objectives. Throughout this process, there will almost certainly be opportunities for environmental stewardship.

" Demo work? Recycle the wood and metal. Studs and plywood turn into compost and metal goes to the municipal facility. Replacing cabinets? We can list the old ones for someone else to repurpose. Many times, old kitchen cabinets become garage cabinets."

There are several certifications — Net Zero Energy, Passive House, and LEED, just to name a few — that Forge Projects can help homeowners attain and benefit from. We encourage energy-efficient building techniques like advanced framing and solar tempering. We also use energy-efficient materials like insulated concrete and help with the installation of cost-efficient products like LEDs and Energy Star appliances.

Our mission is to be environmentally responsible for our customers.

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